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Gerti Herrlich was twenty years old in 1960 when she left her family and friends in Germany to follow her fiancé Karl Fuss to Australia. She packed her belongings into a sturdy wooden crate and carefully painted shipping instructions on the outside.

For over fifty years, this “chest full of hope” has been used to store Gerti and Karl’s precious belongings, including guest books signed by over 18,000 visitors who stayed with them at The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast on Saltspring Island.

This funny and touching memoir contains over 120 recipes, including some from The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast.

Foreword by Umberto Menghi.

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Gerti's Chest of Hope

A Chest Full of Hope is part memoir, part recipe book. Written by Gerti Herrlich Fuss, the story takes place in Germany, Australia and Canada from 1939 to 2011. It includes references to difficulties living during war time and in post-war Germany; an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry; travel by boat and plane; living in a foreign country and learning a new language (English); pregnancy and raising children; emigrating to Canada and living on the West Coast and working in the restaurant industry in Vancouver; starting a catering business and moving to Saltspring Island to build and operate The Old Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast. Meeting people from all over the world and retiring to Victoria on Vancouver Island after 15 years at the B&B. Includes over 120 recipes and 200 photos.

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A Chest Full of Hope by Gerti Herrlich Fuss
 470 pages, Trade paperback - $25 CDN plus Shipping

ISBN 978-0-9869318-0-2 (Book)
ISBN 978-0-9869318-1-9 (eBook)

Published in Canada
May 2011